See you on Friday for Los Aguizotes


We are going to have a great time Friday night. So, a couple of things…

First of all, here is where we will meet up at 5pm on Friday:

In front of the Convento San Francisco. Look for the 15-passenger van.

What to bring

Comfortable closed-toed shoes would be advised, as well as a comfortable, casual clothing. If you really want to fit in, come dressed up! Anything in black and with horns will do fine. Fake blood scores bonus points.

Bring your camera but avoid anything flashy. This festival is not known for being high risk for petty theft but, as with any large gathering of people, you will need to keep tabs on your stuff.

Contact me

My name is Casey and I am originally from Texas. I now live in Granada with my wife and kids but I still love to get out and enjoy the festivals when I can. This one is my favorite. Contact me directly at or give me a call at 8112-3547 if you have any questions.

See you on Friday!