24 October – Los Aguizotes in Masaya

Although they say this one has nothing to do with Halloween, it happens on the last weekend of the month which falls on the 24th this year. And what a devilish time it is.

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baile de pescado en masatepe sqr

24th October – San Jeronimo all over!

San Jeronimo is celebrated in several towns but they do it a bit different in Masatepe. I don’t know why but they celebrate today with a tradition very particular to this village surrounded by volcanoes.

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torovenado 1

19th, 25th October – Torovenado in Masaya

Oooh boy! Torovenado celebrations are like rice this time of year but are always incredible to see. In the mocking spirit of the celebration be prepared to see all kinds of scary, silly, terrifying, goofy and disgusting costumes.

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bull fight

15th October – Santa Teresa de Avila

There are two times a year this festival is celebrated in Santa Teresa in Carazo dept., the end of January and today. Though it might be a bit rainy today, there is still a lot of fun to be had. So much so, in fact, that fiesta groups come from all over the region to participate.

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15th August – La Virgen de la Asuncion

While this day is celebrated in various towns, we will be going to the heart of cowboy country – Juigalpa, Chontales – to see a rodeo. If you have ever been to a rodeo you know how exciting it can be. Add to that the craziness of a local Nica fiesta and it will make this one a rodeo to remember!

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