15th October – Santa Teresa de Avila

There are two times a year this festival is celebrated in Santa Teresa in Carazo dept., the end of January and today. Though it might be a bit rainy today, there is still a lot of fun to be had. So much so, in fact, that fiesta groups come from all over the region to participate.

The Diablitos from Nandaime will be in attendance, dancing and performing. The Indias Promesantes and Apostol Santiago will also be there, doing whatever it is they do. The statue of the Black Jesus is brought from Esquipulas. All come together for a big parade where the saints are carried on horseback around the town. And I hope you like indigenous Nica food – there will be plenty of it.

And of course it wouldn’t be a proper celebration without a good old-fashioned bullfight (or rum drinkers taunting bulls in a ring and getting squashed as well as smashed)! Check it out with us!