10th September – San Nicolas de Tolentino

Fiestas patronales for the good Saint Nick and blessed bulls to be ridden before turned into hamburgers.

We are going up to the town of La Paz Centro to see their grand parade and rodeo for the celebration of San Nicolas de Tolentino. The parade is impressive with the church faithful carrying the statue of the saint around town and also blessing the bulls that will be ridden during the rodeo.

And the rodeo…well if you have ever seen a Nica rodeo you will marvel at how boring “western” rodeos are. Imagine pretty much anyone with more huevos than brains who wants to give it a go on top of a 800kg horned hamburger hellbent on maiming anyone in its path…including the seemingly random folks who jump into the ring on a whim. Go see it with us and we promise not to tell your mother if you decide to give it a go!