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To know Nicaragua is to know Managua. The capital city has a unique history that has been central to the country’s identity. Let us show you Nicaragua with one of our Managua tours.


Festivals are a nearly daily occurrence here. The traditions run deep and every village and town does theirs differently. We can guide you to see the most interesting festivals to be found in Nicaragua.


Need a ride? Let us meet you at the airport. We will take you or your group to your hotel and be happy to help you change money and give you Nicaragua travel advice. We can even help book your hotel if necessary.

"Managua, Nicaragua, what a wonderful spot
There's coffee and bananas and the temperature's hot

So take a trip and on a ship go sailing away
Across the agua to Managua, Nicaragua, olé!"

Guy Lombardo, 1946


Before Managua there was a Nahuatl village called Mana-Ahuac on the edge of the lake. Today we are left with a few remnants hidden inside a bustling city of nearly two million.

Mana-Ahuac Hoy is a small, family-owned operation that is dedicated to introducing visitors to this vibrant capital city and the unique traditional festivals around Nicaragua.

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Managua Sights

Managua Sights

This is the most comprehensive Managua tour you can find. We focus on the most interesting places around the city and touch on a few of the themes that shaped it such as the earthquakes, revolutions and spirit of the inhabitants. It's perfect if you find yourself with an extra day (or half day) during your visit to Nicaragua!



The Sandinista revolution is well honored throughout the country. This tour starts in Managua and visits historical sites in nearby villages. You will learn about the Somoza dynasty and its downfall, the rise of the Sandinistas and the civil war. It's an enlightening tour that puts Nicaragua into perspective.

Local Artists

Local Artists

Join us on one of our most popular tour to uncover the secrets behind some of Nicaragua's traditional artwork. We will be visiting local artists in their homes and workshops, watching them practice their craft and also get the chance to get some amazing souvenirs at a discount from what you will find in the mercado.

Fiestas Patronales

Fiestas Patronales

Nicaragua is much more than lakes and volcanoes! These trips interact with the highlights of the country's cultures and traditions. Come experience the most interesting and unique festivals around the country with us.

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Owner, Guide

After ten years working with the Ministry of Culture, she is very happy about being able to show visitors what it is she loves so much about her city.




He arrived in Nicaragua in 2008 with a plan to stay six months and now calls Managua home. He spends most of his time traveling the country; in his spare time he works.

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